UNDER CONTRACT 1930 Mosher Dr. - Enid, OK


1910/1930 Mosher Dr., The Oaks Apartments, located only 1/2 block south of W. Owen K. Garriott Rd. / Hwy 412 in the popular Indian Hills neighborhood. Centrally located between Johnson and Hayes streets, this complex is literally 5-10 minutes away from all points of interest in Enid, and serves the most popular price point in the area. 96% occupied, 6 buildings with 4 dwellings units each, comprehensive updating and betterment of the exterior on all buildings including new roofs on all buildings in 3rd quarter of 2019, siding, doors, stairs/landings and windows 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2020, off street parking, all are very nice sized 2 bedroom, 1 bath units, some moderate to major updates and remodeling completed depending on unit, priced very well within market. Contact Cole J. Ream at the office 580-234-7200, direct at 580-484-8401, or email at This is one of three complexes for sale from this seller, buy one or all. See additional listings and map showing blue boxes for location (literally minutes apart). If you so desire, a larger, more comprehensive investment portfolio can be made available including additional single family dwelling units. ask Cole for details.




Lot Size





R-7 Multifamily

1.23+/- acres (320' x 168.39')

CH&A each unit

All, public

1 bathroom each unit

2 Bedrooms each unit

Office Areas


3,240+/- sq. ft. each building = 810+/- sq. ft. each unit

Private On Site paved and on street.


Common Areas

1 living area each unit

Location (City)



Cole J .Ream


Cole J .Ream
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